Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Flor de papel y bicicleta


It’s bike month here in SLO. Which means I am expected to ride to work. I probably should already be riding every day since I live less than 4 miles away and I work at  a solar company. We’re supposed to care about the environment or something? Since the weather has been nice and I just got a brand new bike basket I am going to take it out for its maiden voyage tomorrow morning. But the white basket on my silver bike isn’t very flashy or colorful. I need drivers to think “Oh man what is that crazy colorful object on my right hand side rear view mirror? Oh is that a human on a bike with an awesomely colored bike basket? Yes, I think it is….maybe I shouldn’t hit it.” So my solution to my mundane 2 wheeled source of transportation is to spice it up with some color tissue paper Mexican flowers. Totally appropriate considering Cinco de Mayo is on Thursday.

Tissue Paper and Pipe Cleaners from the dollar store: Total $2

 Fold paper into 4 squares

Cut 4 even pieces

       Fold accordian style and cut edges so they are rounded

Twist the pipe cleaner tightly

Start fanning out paper

Paper Flower!

Flower Bouquet

Rachael, I know how much you hate fake flowers…I think you have borderline fakeflowerphobia actually. I hope this craft project doesn’t freak you out too much.

Colorful flower basket!



PS. I made it safely to work this morning!
PPS. I sprayed the flowers with floral perfume and made the boys at work smell them. Haha.

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