Sunday, January 27, 2013

the christmas break to-do list

I had HIGH hopes of accomplishing so many crafty things and cooking things and reviewing school things (who was I kidding with that one?!??), but approximately 10% of those things actually happened.  At least we got to go on our New Year's camping adventure! And the ham and cheese croissants were delicious.  Next time I'm not even messing with the plain ones, all ham and cheese all the time.

Even though I went back to school this week, I haven't gotten bogged down with homework yet, so I thought I would knock one more thing off the list by making this super simple hot water bottle cover.  I know, it's sort of silly and old timey, but I love this thing.  I hate getting into a freezing cold bed, but if I turn the heater on then the house is hot and I don't like sleeping in a hot house.  This way, my feetsies are warm and Levi provides some other bed heating services.  Anyways, I saw the cutest plaid hot water bottle cover on Sweet Paul.  Sweet Paul is a lovely blog and quarterly online magazine full of food, crafts, and other lifestyle features.

So here is the result! I picked up half of a yard from this discount fabric store and washed it first to get the flannel nice and fuzzy soft.  I basically just cut the fabric based on the bottle outline with a one inch seam allowance.  I also made it double sided so it would be cute either way and to give an extra layer of padding to mask the ridged rubber of the bottle.  As it is now you just slip the bottle in through the open bottom.  I didn't include any closure since it fits fairly snuggly and isn't going to fall out, although I'm contemplating some sort of embellishment since it is sort of plain.  But I guess it's going to live under my covers so it doesn't need to be super fancy? We'll see.

Have you crafted anything lately?  Miss you!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I know I'm lazy....

Like this guy -

Though a lot less adorbable.

I'm gonna get back into this thing. Because I miss you and 
I want to remember to do all kinds of fun things 
all the time everyday.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I am sooooo jealous you are going to New Orleans next week. My trip there for Mardi Gras last year was amazing. I have compiled a must do list for your trip.

Craw fish are amazing and weirdly spicy

Cafe du Monde- Order the beignets and coffee

Get a hurricane to drink on Burbon street

Catch Mardi Gras beads

Check out one of the many above ground cemetaries

I drove through Ward 9 to see the damage from Katrina

Additional must dos.......

go to a voodoo shop
listen to a zydeco band
eat everything
go to a drive thru daiquiri stand
hang out on magazine street
say hi to Ian and Nicole for me

Have so much fun!


Happy Valentine's Day Love Muffin!!!

I had so much fun with our heart themed craft day! Fastest craft we've done so far I think.

I think our wool felt heart elbow patches look pretty awesome. And our heart shaped macaroons were pretty tasty.

I am actually into and enjoying Valentine's Day for the first time in a while. I have decided just embrace the day and try to make others smile. Below is a card I made for my friend Brianne and some flowers I got for the girls at work. I tied little ribbons on them and I think that they look like they are wearing bow ties! 

happy valentine's day!!!

#1  Such a good Saturday craft day! Can't wait to do it again soony! Photos, missy!

#2  I'm so proud of you. I wish those valentines between you & B were acceptable for public display.

#3  I'm so excited for NOLA tomorrow! Any suggestions of activities/eating?

I'm staying here, I hope it's cool!

keep it real, holmes.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Our magical weekend...


I had a lovely time on our double date this weekend. The food was great, the drinks were great, the company was great, the music.....well the music was awkward. But awkward in kind of an amazing way. Marvin Gaye singing "let's get it on" in the background while I ate my pork did make me blush a bit though. Nothing like a play list full of baby makin' music to make a table of four decently uncomfortable.
I finished the craft that we started on Saturday. Yay for our first attempt at leather. I think my envelope clutch came out long as no one looks too closely at the stitching.

I'm exciting you are back in town next weekend?!?!?! We need to start planning activities!

Monday, January 23, 2012

I miss you already!

So fun seeing you this weekend. You better get over the bird flu or whatever you caught from over consumption of buffalo wings while watching the game this weekend! I want to see your face and craft massive amounts of neon accessories!
<3 Jessica

Thursday, January 12, 2012

ice cream is my fav.

Yes, I got an ice cream maker for Christmas.

Yes, it totally goes against my "not acquiring more kitchen gadgets since my kitchen is so dang small" decree.  This ice cream maker is an attachment to my stand mixer, so it's not like this whole stand alone thing. Plus, it doesn't even compare, in magnitude, to the other Christmas present I got.....

Anyways, my first attempt was a french custard style chocolate ice cream from The Perfect Scoop.  SO yummy. I do have to admit, it's not cheaper to make your own ice cream.  Heavy cream is expensive! Chocolate is expensive! But let's be honest, I'm obviously going to keep making it.

I'll be taking flavor requests for your visit next weekend.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011


It's been a while since we've talked and I've last posted. But it looks as if you have gone crazy....radish on toast snack?! Well I guess I won't knock it till I try it, which may be a while because I am currently attempting the Paleo diet, aka the caveman diet, aka I can only eat meat, veggies, fruit and nuts. Maybe that's what has inspired this years halloween costume, or maybe it was the great animal escape in Ohio, but most likely it was the fact that I found an amazing sequin tiger print shirt at TJ Maxx the other day. I know you came up with the stripped animal costume idea first. You must have implanted the idea deep in my subconcioius (I want to be just like you). I found some great tiger make up ideas online and I think I am going to attempt to sew some pleather high waisted hot pants to wear as the bottom half of my costume. I have sketched out my plan on a post-it below. I wanted you to wish me luck as I have never attempted a bottom other than a skirt. This should be interesting! If it is a success I will post pictures. If I fail I will either lock myself in my room for the weekend watching Halloween movies on the Disney Channel....or I will recycle last years costume and be an octupus.

Can't wait to see your wild animal onesie!!!