Sunday, January 27, 2013

the christmas break to-do list

I had HIGH hopes of accomplishing so many crafty things and cooking things and reviewing school things (who was I kidding with that one?!??), but approximately 10% of those things actually happened.  At least we got to go on our New Year's camping adventure! And the ham and cheese croissants were delicious.  Next time I'm not even messing with the plain ones, all ham and cheese all the time.

Even though I went back to school this week, I haven't gotten bogged down with homework yet, so I thought I would knock one more thing off the list by making this super simple hot water bottle cover.  I know, it's sort of silly and old timey, but I love this thing.  I hate getting into a freezing cold bed, but if I turn the heater on then the house is hot and I don't like sleeping in a hot house.  This way, my feetsies are warm and Levi provides some other bed heating services.  Anyways, I saw the cutest plaid hot water bottle cover on Sweet Paul.  Sweet Paul is a lovely blog and quarterly online magazine full of food, crafts, and other lifestyle features.

So here is the result! I picked up half of a yard from this discount fabric store and washed it first to get the flannel nice and fuzzy soft.  I basically just cut the fabric based on the bottle outline with a one inch seam allowance.  I also made it double sided so it would be cute either way and to give an extra layer of padding to mask the ridged rubber of the bottle.  As it is now you just slip the bottle in through the open bottom.  I didn't include any closure since it fits fairly snuggly and isn't going to fall out, although I'm contemplating some sort of embellishment since it is sort of plain.  But I guess it's going to live under my covers so it doesn't need to be super fancy? We'll see.

Have you crafted anything lately?  Miss you!


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  1. I was also convinced we were going to be able to pump out mass amounts of Christmas gifts in that one crafting sesh. In reality I only made one braclet that I forgot to bring to Nicole. So it was pretty much a crafting fail. But I love your water bottle cover. I should get one for work since my toes are constantly freezing here.

    I am currently crafting a knitted headband to keep my ears warm at work. I'll post if it turns out.

    Also, I am thinking another Valentinee's craft day is in order. Any plans to be down in SLO before then? I need to top last years card!!! <3