Thursday, June 2, 2011

Anthropologie Inspired Accordian Necklace

Rachael, is it Friday yet?

I always think work weeks are going to feel short after a long weekend like Memorial Day. But then reality slaps me in the face and my short work weeks sometimes seem longer than my normal work weeks. The good news is, if I just make it through one more day I get to play with you all weekend. Thanks to the fact your BF has to study for finals all weekend. Things I want to do this weekend:

Have you teach me how to cook food.
Find a new coffee table I can refurbish.
Find outfits for VEGAS!!!!
Go to the rodeo????
Make a craft.

Here is some craft inspiration from my latest venture in jewelry making....

After my success with the Anthropologie inspired fabric flower necklaces, I decided to attempt other Anthropologie designs. I found this tutorial online, bought some ribbon, and made this fun statement necklace in one night.

Hurry up and get here!

<3<3<3 jessica

GOSH you are SO good at accesorizing!!!
Be there soonyyyyy
xoxo rachael

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