Wednesday, July 13, 2011

i miss you....

Sorry, I fail at posting.

On another note, I got these shoes for the wedding yesterday. I know, I know, I'm waiting until the last minute on this.  She said we had to get "champagne" color strappy sandals to go with the bridesmaid dresses.  I ran over at lunch and picked these up at naturalizer. Yes, that is an embarrassing statement. And embarrassing to carry that bag around, so I put it in a different bag to take them home.  I'm so shallow....

Do they look totally grandma? Also, they're a little too small.  I'm thinking I'll wear them around with socks to stretch them out a bit?  Ugh, maybe I should just go shopping more.  It's yucky outside and I'm so unmotivated.

On a plus note, there was totally a tranny trying on shoes next to me. He/she was all granny-ed out with white keds and big red hair and makeup.  Hilarious.

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